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A Mortgage Broker works for you, the client, whereas Bank Specialists are employed by the financial institution.

Don't Wait Until the Last Minute to Renew!

When you were acquiring your first mortgage, finding the lowest rate was likely very important to you. Now, chances are - if you're anything like the majority of homeowners out there - you opt to renew with the same lender at the last minute, blindly accepting the rate they offer you.

Most of the time, this renewal rate is remarkably higher than others in the market. Right now, some banks have a posted rate of 5.25% on a five-year fixed mortgage, while other institutions are lending at 4.29%.

To help you save, some lenders will offer you the option of early renewal but with the money they're making right now, those deals are probably hard to come by. If you want to reap the benefits of today's low mortgage rates but your mortgage term isn't quite up yet, your best bet is to give me a call.

I can lock you into a lower rate up to 120 days before the end date of your existing mortgage term. Regardless of whether rates go up or down, you'll be guaranteed the lower rate. With less banks offering the early renewal option these days, and fixed rates edging upwards, this is a handy tool for individuals who want to save some extra money while they can.

Axiom Mortgage, July 2009

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