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There's an App for That!

With the Apple iPod arguably one of the most influential inventions of the past decade, and 'apps' - or downloadable applications that take the form of games, calculators and a variety of other technology-driven diversions - one of the device's most popular selling features, it's not a surprise that the mortgage market has jumped on the app bandwagon.


While it's difficult to separate the Canadian mortgage apps from their US counterparts, there are a few out there - as well as some other nifty financial tools - that can make choosing a mortgage, and managing your finances, much simpler. Below are a few well rated apps:


1.    iHome - Loans, Mortgages and Property Anaylsis

Price: $1.99

This app allows you to see how much principal and interest you're paying on your current mortgage, as well as see how much you'd be saving with different payment sizes or lump sum payments. The different scenarios are translated into helpful graphs, which can then be e-mailed in rich HTML files and printer-friendly formats.


2.    Real Estate Investor

Price: $4.99

Figuring out the profitability of a potential investment property can be difficult to do on the spot. This app helps calculate important investing information, including: capitalization; debt ratios; depreciation; interest; investment returns; mortgages; rent multipliers; valuation and rental income.


3.    Bill Buddy

Price: $0.99

If you're prone to forgetting to pay your credit card or utility bills, you might want to give Bill Buddy a shot. This little calendar helps you keep track of bill payments and due dates, and sends a helpful reminder so you don't forget.


4.    Expense Tracker - Spending

Price: $2.99

Keeping track of your cash spending is easy with this little app. The streamlined set-up helps you keep track of all your daily spending habits quickly and without hassle. Find out what those daily coffees are really costing you!



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