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Mortgage Refinancing

There's good debt and bad debt.
Mortgages generally qualify as good debt: they are usually available at the lowest possible rates, they represent a good investment in a (generally) appreciating asset, and they make home ownership possible. Bad debt saddles you with high interest rates - often on depreciating assets. High credit card debt is one of the worst, and afflicts most Canadians at some point in their financial lives. But if you have equity in your home, then you have an opportunity to turn bad debt to good debt - by refinancing and rolling high-interest debt into your mortgage for big interest savings. A mortgage planner can talk to you about refinancing at any time.

Rates are still near record lows. If you'd like to have a conversation about refinancing your debt, talk to a professional?

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At Greenwood Estates and Mortgage Company, Mission, BC, we represent dozens of lenders and loan programs across Canada. With our experience in banking and finance we can help you find the best rates for your needs. Many years working in the banking and finance industry has given us a great network of contacts that we can use to find the best product for you. Mortgages, business loans, refinancing, credit lines and debt consolidation are our business.

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